Runnin' from the Law

by The Ditchrunners

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"The Ditchrunners are beginning to make a ripple, no a cannonball, in the Great Lakes music scene. If you are wondering what kind of music to expect from these boys, think the opposite of radio stars such as Kenney Chesney and Toby Kieth. I would think more along the lines of Central Wisconsin rebel-rousing, whiskey-fueled, high-octane country." -Adam Greuel, HOOPLA Magazine

"From Stevens Point, these five guys must have had a love hate relationship with the country music they grew up with. They kept the country twang, and sometimes a bit of the hoe-down beat, but added a hard edge in the guitar work and palpable rebel-rousing attitude. Its more than Toby Keith country, but less than gritty southern metal, settling in a rebellious bluegrassy middle ground. Singing about whiskey, trucks, guns and girls, they sure know how to occasionally throw in some top notch vocal harmonies, without losing that outlaw edge." -City Pages

"A first listen to these northern Wisconsin boys and its clear that they were influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and many of the other bad ass country playing pioneers of the genre." -Tom Jordan

"The Ditchrunners... They're actually pretty fuckin' good!"-Eddie Spaghetti

"My greatest words for the Ditchrunners. Be known. “Wisconsin has their Dropkick Murphy’s” Anthems of pain and independence. Expressed implicitly and triumphantly thru Leader Buckshot Bredlau. To me the band was a naturalist metal show with whiskey and celebritory brotherhood! " -Geoff Landon, WAMI In Memorium

"In from Stevens Point, this rip-roaring country band turned the Crystal Corner into the kind of roadhouse where one might find George Jones or the ghost of Johnny Cash!" -Isthmus, Madison

"The group’s setup of all-acoustic instruments presents a foot-stomping, knee-slapping, swing dancing jive set, and that’s exactly what gives them their game-changing temperament. Park Falls native Doug “Buckshot” Bredlau leads the band with vocal cords that sound like a rusted steam engine fighting a pack of disgruntled polar bears. Behind him stands the acoustic guitar backbone of Alex Dalnodar, and the upright bass slapping of Jayson Minor. Holding it down on the drums is Brian Van Wychen, and shredding mandolin you’ll find Bob Weigandt, who was recently nominated for a Wisconsin Area Music Industry award." -Seth Carlson, Bee/Park Falls Herald

"I had a great time watching the Ditchrunners play. They were like Zach Brown on Crack!" -Brad Emanuel

"Bath Salt Country!" -Ralph Noonan

"The Ditchrunners killed it at Indianhead last weekend! A unique style played by some of the most sociable and kind band members I have ever met." -Chad Vandehey

"Being originally from Wisconsin and now transplanted to various places all along the West Coast, I have found it difficult to explain to people in these major cities what the Wisconsin music scene is like. I think that a lot of those who I’ve spoken to don’t really believe me when I tell them about the rabid basement shows that I grew up in, the teeth that I have chipped and lost in mosh pits, and the musical origins/energy in performance/etc that I have taken from being raised in that kind of creative environment. We mean it over there. If Wisconsin likes your band, we’re going to go damn crazy for you when you come to our towns. Lately when people ask me for a good example of a band that encompasses the Wisconsin sound, I show them the Ditchrunners’ “Yankee Yell” EP. Released early this year, this 5 track disc contains the Wisconsin life in it: songs about the street, the wilderness, drinking all day and various oddities that are scattered all over the state (like Muskee Jacks in Minoqua). All of the aforementioned activities are something that every Wisconsonite could tell you about. We have all drank so much that we’ve passed out in the street before. We’ve all gotten lost within ten miles of a major metropolitan area and suddenly found ourselves stuck in the woods and/or fields somewhere. We’ve all met some of the incredibly eccentric local residents who proudly declare that they have made it a point to never leave their remote unincorporated town without a weapon. All of these things are experiences and moments that make Wisconsin great. Again, ask any Wisconsonite about what I’ve mentioned here. Everyone has a story (or 50). Milwaukee WI has one of the highest alcohol sales per capita in the country. We don't even have half of the tourism that some of the other cities have in the top ten list. That's just our weekly beer run. In your face! Something that really stands out to me in this disc is the fast-paced, tight composition of the music. “Yankee Yell” is a debut release for the Ditchrunners. Typically when a band releases their first record/EP there’s a lot of slow and sometimes even choppy segments that show a band finding their sound. There’s nothing like that here. This stuff is heavy with loud crew vocals, sometimes vulgar (therefore I love it) and intense. These guys were sure about what they sounded like going into this at the beginning. They didn’t need a few records to “find themselves” like many musicians do. The Ditchrunners were ready well before any studio time was involved. “Street Rat” is my favorite number of theirs. Fast, loud, and pissed. This tune alone is worth the purchase. I was lucky to be on tour when these guys were recording, I got to stop by the studio with them in Madison and play accordion on “Muskee Jacks”. Word has it that this is a limited print, and the boys of the Ditchrunners have just released their first full length record. I’ve seen a few of their shows since I’ve heard this disc, and the music just keeps getting crazier! You want to know what I’m talking about when I tell you the stories about the time I spent in Wisconsin? Listen to these guys and you’ll believe me when I say that it’s a very Wisconsin thing to get drunk at 9AM and run naked through a field while you…nevermind." -Ando Ehlers

"The night started out with a band called the Ditchrunners opening in the Dance Hall barn. This band was very entertaining with their down home blue grass country originals and collective instruments of string bass (Jayson Minor), Drums (Brian Van Wychen), mandolin (Bob Weigandt), guitar (Alex Dalnodar) and Vocals (Buckshot Bredlau). The new CD called Rips from the Ditch is fantastic from this young band of country gypsy’s with songs like Ditch Stomp, Horse Play and Whiskey Smoke. I play this CD all the time." -Dr. Snake Oil, Symco Shakedown 2013

"Recently, I've been playing a lot of shows in my old stomping(read: drinking) grounds of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. In the time I've been spending up there, I've been getting to know a band that everyone should be aware of, and honestly, I think a lot of working musicians, myself included, can learn a lot of lessons from when it comes to hard work, perseverance, working a crowd, and just plain kicking ass at getting your music out there, while adhering to some pretty serious DIY, punk rock ethics. This band, is the Ditchrunners. My first experience with the Ditchrunners was at some point in late 2012, when Alex Dalnodar, their guitar player, booked me a show in Stevens Point, at the Brickhause, the bar I literally bought my first legal drink at on my 21st birthday. Having been away from Point for quite a few years, and remembering what the live music “scene” was like up there back in my day, I wasn't expecting much of a turnout, or a very wild time. When I got to the show, I was amazed to see the way these guys have cultivated a scene in their town. They work their asses off to promote the shows they book, they do an amazing job of turning people on to the bands they bring into their town before said bands arrive, and in the process, they've turned their town into a complete hot bed for anyone who plays “our” kind of music. I was immediately impressed. Next, I saw the Ditchrunners' house, “The Ditch Crib”. At the time, 3 of the 5 members of the band were living there. They run a very tight ship, and one hell of a professional operation for their band out of their home. Discussing business at almost all hours, crunching numbers, hell, they even have a screen printing shop set up in their garage, where they print their own merch. Recently, their bass player, Jayson Minor, has been utilizing a bit of garage space to build high end cigar box guitars, under the name, “Gutterbox Guitars”, as well. Jacks of all trades, indeed. On top of all of this, when you're an out of town musician making a stop at the Ditch Crib, I've seen them put together feasts to feed their out of town pals that would put most gourmet chefs to shame. As well as opening their doors as a crash space to touring bands. There isn't really much more that any road dog could ask for. All of this, and we haven't even gotten to the music yet. Which really, is the most important part. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm pretty fickle when it comes to my tastes. I like punk rock, I like metal, and I like bluegrass, but more often than not, when people try to mix them, it loses me. The Ditchrunners are definitely a mash up of those three styles, but they do a great job of it, carving their own, unique style, and live, they bring a level of energy, and showmanship that I've seen very few bands match. They're made up of Doug “Buckshot” Bredlau on vocals, Alex Dalnodar on guitar, Brian Van Wychen on drums, Jayson Minor on bass, and Bob Weigandt on the mandolin. Each one of them bringing a lot of flavor from their musical pasts together, to give the Ditchrunners their unique sound. Mark my words, when these guys start getting their name out on a larger scale, and logging some serious miles, they'll be turning a lot of heads! So, if you're looking for some good, new music, and looking to support one of the hardest working bands out there today, look up the Ditchrunners, you won't be disappointed.." -Owen Mays, Moonrunner's Country

"There’s a good crowd in and my hour-or-so onstage passes in a flash then The Ditchrunners rip the place apart with their fucked up country." -Dave Arcari

"Inspired by music outlaws such as Johnny Cash and George Jones, these gents can turn a bland Friday night into a country-fried adventure" -Isthmus, Madison

"Here’s a little twist to the good old hoedown honky-tonk. But before you freak out, don’t worry — no Taylor Swift country pop here. Just an edgy mix between country twang, hard-edge metal and classic bad boy lyrics.The Ditchrunners invaded Founders Brewery on Saturday showing us how badass country music can really be. They made me wanna jam until the sun came up, although I was torn between square dancing and head-banging. But hey, there’s plenty was of show time for both!" -Barbara Jandenoa, Revue Entertainment Guide

"The Ditchrunners from Stevens Point, WI. Bad assery!! These guys are killing it, big sound, rowdy, great stage presence and they are bringing the North Woods with them in the music everywhere they go. Which is cool. I like that." -Lou Shields

"Ok, by far the best act of the night was on the stage at Every Buddy's Bar and Grill. It was The Ditchrunners on stage. I heard music as I was heading toward the door but couldn't really define any style. It was really just noise. Then, as I walked in, they were between songs. You have to picture this. The lead singer is a muscly, tattoo'd, bi-toned mohawk wearing dude. Stretched ears, precisely groomed facial hair and the whole heavy metal personna. What came out of his mouth, once the band struck up was really quite unbelievable. I loved it. I would define it as hard edged bluegrass. Nothing like the stuff that you hear in the basement of the Sheeley House. Totally different from that, and yet undoubtedly blue grass. My Delicious friend the bartender called it "Punkountry" -Jabbott

"Honky Tonkin’ Gypsy Gutter Grass!! Met deze woorden proberen the Ditchrunners uit Stevens Point, WI een statement te maken dat hun muziek definieert. Een onmogelijke opdracht om deze muziek vast te prikken in één slogan. Wat voor mij telt is dat we met the Ditchrunners wederom een band te pakken hebben die voor 100% voldoet aan de DIY attitude. De heren hebben een uitstekende live reputatie, we hebben dan ook te maken met door de wol geverfde muzikanten die hun sporen hebben verdiend in genres van Punk Rock en Metal tot Bluegrass. En nu is er dan een album uit getiteld Rips From the Ditch. Een uitstekende CD die recht doet aan de spontaniteit en energie van de live band."

" THE DITCHRUNNERS are the essence of kick-ass COWPUNK and totally blow the roof off the joint." -Pete Berwick

" In the emerging New World Order of Roots Music, it is inconceivable to me that this band is not among the most popular. In their home state of Minnesconsin, perhaps they are, but the rest of the country needs to catch up, and fast. Well-crafted and clever songs delivered with a raw intensity that makes their live shows seem downright dangerous, this is one band you just have to see live. Buckshot Bredlau may be the best frontman touring these days." Keith Kasyan

"This isn’t Garth Brooks or Toby Keith country music – it’s more like Johnny Cash on acid. Although the Ditchrunners are probably best compared to someone like Hank Williams III. It’s bad-ass country mixed with a healthy dose of rock and a pinch of bluegrass. They call it “Honky Tonkin’ Gypsy Guttergrass.” Even though they use mostly acoustic instruments, The Ditchrunners play live shows with a definite edge." -Kasey Steinbrinck


released April 20, 2010

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Gavin Lefebvre
Greyhound Sound, Madison, WI

Buckshot Bredlau - Vocals
Ken Lee - Bass
Windy City Bill - Drums
Jody Dayton - Guitar



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The Ditchrunners Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Honky Tonkin Gypsy Gutter Grass

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